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  • Events & Icons provides the opportunity for investors at all levels to invest in high profile concerts and events.
    Our extensive industry experience, established track record and exhaustive research will maximize your return on investment.

  • When producing concerts and tours, Events & Icons takes care of all aspects including, the origination of the event, securing artists and celebrities, travel and accomodation, public relations, sponsorship, advertising, and venue set up.

  • Interested in booking a high profile artist, host, or for your event? We have the industry connections to get you the best prices on acts, without hassles and extra fees, so that you can maximize your profits. This is a value-added perk, a part of our commitment to provide well orchestrated events that are fun for audiences and profitable for you.

  • Whether you are interested in having your brand featured in an upcoming show, or if you are seeking outside sponsors for your concert or event, we provide you the access, information, and materials you need to streamline the sponsorship process.